domenica 5 dicembre 2021

All this will be broadcast next Sunday, December 5, at 20:50 (UTC + 1) on "TV2000" (channel 28 of the Digital Terrestrial, 157 of the Sky platform), and repeated on Tuesday 7 December at 21 on "Radio InBlu ".

Furthermore, already from the morning of Monday 6 December, it will be possible to review the episode on the Internet:on the TV2000 YouTube channeland on the presence of ANS onFacebookcome onTwitter, who will re-share the episode in favor of all the friends and sympathizers of the Salesian house and of Don Bosco.

"SOUL", the ambitious title of one of the flagship programs of TV2000, the television broadcaster of the Italian Bishops' Conference, was actually born from a simple idea: to meet "to the bottom of the soul" men and women who interest, who they are intrigued by their thickness. In each episode, Monica Mondo talks with characters of intellectual, human, spiritual stature and depth, willing to tell each other, drawing out the soul. The program airs on Saturday and Sunday at 8:50 pm on “TV2000” and the episodes are replayed in reruns, respectively on Mondays and Tuesdays, at 9 pm on “Radio InBlu”, the radio of the Italian bishops.

For more information, see the Soul program social networking contacts:

Facebook - @ SOULTV2000
Twitter - @ SOULTV2000
Instagram - @ SOULTV2000 

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