Friday 7 October 2022

The Daughters of the Divine Saviour are a female religious institute of pontifical right, dedicated to apostolic works.

Following Christ more closely and docile to the voice of the Holy Spirit, we propose to realise the apostolic project of the founder: to contribute to the salvific mission of the Church, dedicating ourselves, in the spirit of St. John Bosco, to the Christian education of children and youth, especially the poorest and most needy. In our educational service, we adopt the rich resources of the preventive system. In the fulfilment of this mission we find the path of our sanctification.

Our founder is Rt.Rev.Mons. Pedro Arnoldo Aparicio Quintanilla sdb; our institute is part of the Salesian family, whose centre is the Rector Major of the Salesian Society as successor of Don Bosco (art. 4 Const.).

The Daughters of the Divine Saviour have been part of the great Salesian Family of Don Bosco since 5 February 1987, thanks to the Salesian spirit that our founding father instilled and inherited in us.

We thus enter into the vast movement, raised up by the saint, of people who work for the salvation of children and young people. We maintain unity of spirit with the various groups of the Salesian Family and encourage dialogue and fraternal collaboration for mutual enrichment and greater apostolic effectiveness (art. 4 Const.).


We exercise in the church the apostolate corresponding to the specific nature and mission of the institute, we bear witness to Christ the teacher. The motto that animates us is "Oportet Illum Regnare" (May God’s Reign Prevail!) and the method we work with is the one transmitted to us by St. John Bosco: the Preventive System, taught by Mary Most Holy, the teacher without whose discipline all wisdom becomes foolishness. 


We have, as the main recipients of our mission, children and young people, especially those who, because of their material or spiritual poverty, are most in need of being loved and evangelised. 

We work above all in the poorest places with children, because of the fundamental importance of this period of life. With preferential option, we tend to adolescents and young people, to help them find in Christ the Saviour the meaning of existence and the answer to their problems. Following the example of Don Bosco who, while preferring poor and abandoned young people, did not limit his paternity to them, we also consider young people from different social backgrounds to be the recipients of our mission. We also recognise young people and adults who have not yet been evangelized as our target group. The reason for our missionary action is the will of God. It is necessary that all people be recognize Christ and value baptism as a channel to be incorporated into the church, which is the body of Christ. In our missionary activity we use all the educational resources typical of our charism.

As the Daughters of the Divine Saviour, we work with the Salesians and are involved in the Salesian Family councils and collaborate in every way possible besides active collaboration with other members of the Salesian Family.

Sister Julia Olinda González, HDS
Councillor for Communication and the Laity


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